Episode 144: Why This is Still the Best Time to Be a Facebook Marketer (Plus… Insights from Facebook’s NYC Office)

best time to be a facebook marketer

No doubt about it, Cambridge Analytica has changed things for Facebook marketers.

There’s a media storm, Mark Zuckerberg is appearing before Congress, and Facebook is reacting and removing some of the data marketers can target users based on.

Join the experts as they break down what this situation means for you and why this is still the best time to be a Facebook marketer.

Plus, listen in as Ralph shares insights from his recent visit to Facebook New York, Facebook’s corporate office in New York City.



  • Why now is the best time to get into Facebook ads (« and why the opportunities that exist now may not be here in a few years).
  • Learn the type of bidding you should use when you’re targeting website conversions.
  • The targeting options that Facebook is going to be removing (« and why that’s okay).
  • The 3 components that drive the Facebook advertising algorithm (« and what they actually mean).


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