Episode 167: Choosing the Right Facebook Campaign Objective for You (Part 1)

Choosing Facebook Campaign objective Part 1

It might seem like a simple factor of your campaign settings, but Facebook Campaign Objectives can have a big impact in achieving your goals for your ads. So, if your campaign is struggling, you might want to look at your objective settings.

In this week’s episode, the experts talk about a few of the 11 objective options and how to use them to your advantage. They give you real campaign examples of how they’ve used some of the objectives to drive website traffic, increase sales, and successfully retarget.

Check out Episode 168 for Part 2 of the series, where they conclude the conversation about the remaining objectives.


  • Get Facebook to do the heavy lifting for you by picking the right objective
  • The cheapest objective option for building brand awareness (and why you should be focusing on that)
  • The right campaigns to use impressions as your objective
  • What objective options you should be using for most of your campaigns


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