Episode 114: How Big Brands Spend Their Facebook Ad Dollars — Featuring Andrew Foxwell

combine brand and direct response advertising

Learn how the branding giants do it.

Join the experts and special guest Andrew Foxwell of Foxwell Digital to learn how to run your Facebook marketing like a major brand. Hear the digital advertising strategies, including how to combine brand and direct response advertising, that Andrew’s learned from handling over $10 million in ad spend for brands like the Grand Ole Opry so you can apply these tactics in your own business.



  • A strategy to add to your direct response campaigns to generate more leads and sales (« Hint: It goes on the top of your marketing funnel).
  • The simple Facebook attribution tactic, that a lot of people don’t do, that can make measuring your Facebook campaigns so much easier.
  • Why looking at your Facebook objectives can help you avoid an issue at the lower part of your funnel (« This will help you reach different segments of your audience).

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