Episode 154: Customer Journey: How Long Does It Take to Turn Someone into a Customer?

If you don’t know your customer better than they know themselves, your ads are basically shots in the dark.

For example, how long does it take your audience, on average, before they make their first purchase? How many clicks do they have to make before they buy? What is the lifetime value of your best customers vs. your worst ones?

Join the experts and guest expert Scott Desgrosseilliers as they go in depth about the Customer Journey and give you the ammo you need to make informed decisions about your ad campaigns.



  • The average time a lead takes to place their first order and how this impacts the strategy of your ad campaigns.
  • Why you shouldn’t spend more than 70% of your budget on lead gen (« and what you should do with the other 30%).
  • The ROI on the average campaign (« hint: it’s not good) and what this means for your campaign as a whole.


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