Episode 12: The Perfect Cold Traffic Ad: “Ad Scent”, the One-Two Punch, and the Guard Down Trick

How do you create a system that brings new leads and sales to your business day after day?  You master the science (and art) of running ads to cold traffic.  

In this episode, you’ll learn how the Perpetual Traffic pros create ads that cause even the coldest of prospects to stop what they’re doing and click.


  • What “ad scent” is and why it’s crucial to getting conversions AFTER the click.
  • Why you should add more copy to your cold traffic Facebook ads (<< … and the free tool that allows you to add it)
  • The “Guard Down” ad copy trick that disarms even the most skeptical Facebook users and prompts them to click.  
  • The One-Two Punch that drives click costs down (these clicks are often 1/10th the cost) and Relevance Scores up.  


The Anatomy of the Perfect Content Ad
The Ultimate Facebook Ad Template Library – 7 of the best Facebook ads we’ve created at Digital Marketer and WHY they outperformed the rest.
Traffic Temperature:  How to Build Real Relationships with Automated Campaigns– Molly Pittman further explains the concept of Traffic Temperature in this article.
Canva – A free tool that creates stellar images for your Facebook ads (and anything else you need images for).

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