Episode 324: An In-Depth Look at the Creative Process with Tom Meredith, Tier 11’s VP of Strategy and Innovation

You can’t rush the creative process, but in the advertising business, you can’t get around deadlines either. So how do you find the balance?

In today’s episode, host Ralph Burns sits down with Tom Meredith, VP of Strategy and Innovation at Tier 11. Tom’s past creative experience includes stints at Disney and Dreamworks, and he sees his new position at Tier 11 as the perfect place to shine. Ralph and Tom dive deep into the creative process and all it entails—from research to psychology to letting ideas ruminate to feedback loops to unicorn ads and more.

Tom admits he thrives in chaos a little more than the average creative person. Listen in as he and Ralph help make sense of what can often be a messy process.


  • How to avoid a common mistake when building your company’s avatar
  • The best places to get research on people who don’t have your product yet
  • The why behind Tom’s controversial opinion that control groups don’t matter
  • How to give your creative team more time while still meeting deadlines


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