Episode 392: 3 Ways Running Traffic Has Changed… Maybe Forever

If you’re getting sick of the Google Performance Max discussion, get over it. Performance Max is the future of all things traffic. 

On today’s episode, co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam walk us through the three big things they’ve learned from Google Performance Max in the past few months. At this early point in history, most people are not yet running PM. If you are, you’re in a great spot as a pioneer and influencer. It’s tempting to hold all this knowledge close to the vest, the guys say, so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor before the whole world catches on, but they can’t help but share. They (and their clients) are already spending thousands (even millions) of dollars on this platform. It truly changes everything we’ve ever known about traffic. The Golden Rule of Performance Max, Kasim says, is that there are no Golden Rules. Every client, every implementation is so different—and so customizable in the ways that matter. They’re literally learning something new every day.

Listen in to find out what Google Performance Max can do for your business or agency.


  • 3 major events in online advertising and marketing that changed the entire game 
  • Why you need to stop thinking of Google as a placement platform
  • What you need to know about user-generated content and massive media creation
  • Why Kasim believes the click-to-conversion paradigm is dead 



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