Episode 408: A Quick Conversation about Click Farms

Did you know that a percentage of your ad budget is lost to click fraud?

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim talk about the rise in click farming, how they create problems for PPC advertisers, and what online platforms are doing to take ongoing action against them.

You may already know that entire businesses are built around generating fraudulent engagement and traffic on the internet. What you didn’t know is that instead of bots, click farms made a significant upgrade, and now we have actual humans clicking ads and signing up for newsletters. 

Tune in to learn how click farms are wasting your ad budget and what you can do to block fraudulent traffic and keep your website safe from invalid traffic activity.  


  • What are click farms?
  • How can you detect click fraud? 
  • What we know about click fraud and what you can do about them
  • Why eCommerce is immune to click fraud
  • Simple ways to build conditional logic in your online forms
  • How to prevent fraudulent traffic from converting into leads
  • Why do businesses use click farms?
  • How to spot fraudulent traffic on your site


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