Episode 160: Not Getting Conversions with Facebook Ads? Follow These 11 Steps

Facebook ad conversion troubleshooting

Running Facebook ads is not a “set it and forget it” sort of experience. Even the pros have to keep an eye on their ads to make sure things are running smoothly. And things don’t always run smoothly…

If you’ve turned on a campaign and you’re getting 0 impressions or 0% conversions, listen up. In this week’s episode, the experts talk about some common mistakes that people make when setting up a Facebook ad campaign. They walk you through 11 things that you can check and fix to get your campaign converting again.


  • How to prevent the Facebook ad mistakes that even the experts make sometimes
  • The 1 thing you should do so that your disapproved or pending ad gets approved by Facebook
  • Why a limited ad flight schedule might not be right for you (and what to do instead)
  • 2 ways your pixel could be sabotaging you (and a Chrome extension to help you fix it)


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Chrome Extensions
Setting Your Spending Limit
Ads Not Approved?
Ads Pending Review
Improving Your Pixel’s Performance
Tier 11

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