Episode 148: What We Think of Free Fly Apparel, Lovepop Cards, and Flixel’s Facebook Ads (and What This Means for You)

Facebook ad critiques May 2018

Do you ever wonder if you’re making mistakes on your Facebook ads that are costing you money?

Join the experts as they critique 6 ads (that are making money on Facebook) and show you what the ads are doing right, what mistakes they’re making, and how you can fix them. Then, Ralph goes beyond the ads and shows you mistakes the website is making once people click through, and how they could be fixed.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about your own Facebook ads, this is the episode you need to hear.


  • 3 examples of how real companies are using pixels (« and what mistakes they’re making, so you can avoid doing the same).
  • 1 big way you are hurting your conversions (« and how to use context to fix it).
  • How you can use the MAGICC method to optimize your video ad.


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Molly’s Ads:
Flixel Facebook ad
Free Fly Apparel Facebook ad

Ralph’s Ads:
Watch Nura’s Facebook ad here, which drives traffic to their home page.
Watch Lovepop Card’s Facebook ad here, which drives traffic to their Mother’s Day category page.
Watch Ministry of Supply’s Facebook ad here, which drives traffic to their Men’s Performance Shirts category page.

Keith’s Ad:
Watch GreenSmoothieGirl’s Facebook ad here.

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