Episode 173: 10 Facebook Best Practices to Optimize Your Auction Strategy

Our hosts are back from the Facebook Global Partners Summit in NYC, and they have the scoop on the 10 best practices to optimize your Facebook auction strategy.

They walk you through each practice and explain Facebook’s strategy to increase your return on investment, give real world examples of clients they are currently working with, and explain how they are using these strategies in their campaigns today.

Ralph and Molly also share how the Facebook campaign algorithm works and what agencies can do to increase the success of their campaigns.


  • Why your ROI will decrease after increasing your Facebook’s campaign’s budget
  • How to optimize your Facebook auction strategy to be as close to the business goal as possible
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on Facebook’s audience suggestions and what size to choose instead to boost your conversions
  • The importance of looking at surface impressions and conversions and how to use that information to increase your ROI


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