Episode 184: Using Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization Tool to Increase Social Proof (Part 2)

Facebook campaign budget optimization social proof

In last week’s episode, Ralph and Molly talked about Facebook’s new campaign budget optimization tool (CBO). But this week they dive in a little deeper to explore how this tool can increase the social proof on your ad sets.

Molly explains how to use ad sets from a previous campaign to increase their engagement and conversions. Ralph then shows us where to find the deceivingly hidden “minimum budget” option and how to use it to find new audiences. Lastly, they explain when NOT to use the CBO option in order to avoid resetting the optimization process.

Check out Part 1 of this mini-series HERE!


  • How the tool decides which ads to increase the budget for
  • How Molly spread ad sets out amongst various CBO campaigns with a $2,000 daily budget for increased social proof on all ad sets
  • Why using the minimum budget tool can actually increase the engagement on your under-performing ads



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