Episode 112: Music Marketing: How to Grow an Artist’s Following & Sell More Concert Tickets

music marketing strategies

How do you build a sustainable relationship with your target market? That’s the question special guest Kyle Lemaire, Founder and CEO of Indepreneur, set out to answer. What he learned can be profitably applied by any business – especially the music industry.

Listen to learn how he took a relatively unknown musician and generated 22,000 Facebook fans in 6 months, sold out two shows in a foreign country they’d never played, and how you can use his music marketing strategies to successfully run and scale social media and paid traffic campaigns.



  • How to create a sustainable business in an industry where the only model before it was to pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into a career (« This will help you avoid being a one-hit wonder).
  • How Kyle was able to generate $26,000 in six months for a musician by giving away an album for free (« And how this created more engaged fans moving through the Customer Journey).
  • The two-step Facebook ad strategy you can use to break into a market that hasn’t heard of you yet and generate customers (« This is how he sold out two shows in a country the artist had never played).


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