Episode 137: How to Optimize & Scale Your Facebook Ads with Split Tests & Dynamic Creative in 2018

optimize facebook ad with split tests and dynamic creative 2018

If you’re looking to optimize and scale your Facebook ads, there are two ways to test on Facebook right now: split testing and dynamic creative.

Join us as we share guidelines on how to use them, the results and pitfalls we’ve experienced when testing them, and the great takeaways that lead to scaling campaigns far better and far easier—all while being Facebook friendly!

You’ll learn the latest strategies and best practices with using dynamic creative and split tests on Facebook, so your ads don’t compete against each other and so you can lower your cost per acquisition.


  • The new tool that lets you effectively split test your Facebook ads on a much smaller budget.
  • How we cut our cost per acquisition from $30 to $9 on one Facebook campaign.
  • The reason you should continue running a Facebook ad, even if it “loses” a split test.


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Facebook Dynamic Creative

Screenshots from Ralph:
Split testing in Facebook
Split testing in Facebook
Google Analytics results from split testing in Facebook

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