Episode 211: The #1 Reason Why You Can’t Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

scale Facebook ad campaigns July 2019

Did you know the seasons can affect your ad’s success?

For example, summer is a triggering consumer event that can make it seem like your ads aren’t doing as well as they used to, but don’t be fooled. Seasonality can affect the performance of your ad campaigns (especially if your products aren’t pool floats)—but it doesn’t mean your ads are failing.

In this episode, Ralph and Molly explain why you can’t be fearful of these financial dips (and the spikes) and the metric mistake that’s making your ads feel like a failure when they’re actually doing well.



  • The reason you might be seeing a dip in CTA’s and results across Facebook, Google and Youtube ads right now (and why you don’t need to freak out)
  • Why you shouldn’t turn your ads off if there has only been a decrease in results for less than 7 days
  • Molly and Ralph’s money mindsets and why you need a good relationship with money to find success as a media buyer or entrepreneur
  • Why it’s normal to get a lower ROAS as you scale your campaigns


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