Episode 117: The 3-Step Formula to 10X Your Facebook Ad Spend with Consistent ROI [Part 1 of 2]

scale facebook ads formula

Want to scale your Facebook ads?

In this two-part episode, learn the simple three-step strategy to scale your Facebook ads while generating a consistent return on investment. Once you understand this, you can create an ad that will resonate with a broad audience, get your message across, and create a campaign that can last for years to come.


  • What to do in the first ten seconds of your video ad to grab a viewer’s attention (« and what you should avoid doing so you don’t discourage views).
  • How to leverage the UPSYD Awareness Formula to move people from unaware of the problem to desiring your product/service.
  • The tactics Dominate Web Media uses in their clients’ Facebook campaigns to turn cold traffic into buyers.


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