Episode 139: How to Lower Your Cost Per Acquisition (…And Other Questions Live from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2018)

traffic and conversion summit questions answered live

Join us in this special episode, as the experts answer questions from Traffic & Conversion Summit attendees, live from the Summit!

Learn digital marketing strategies and insights you can start deploying today, from lowering your cost per acquisition (CPA) to dealing with the overcrowdedness of email, from discussing the new places you need to go to reach your audience to how SamCart grew one of their launches by 5X.

(Listen to Part 2 here. And then be sure to check out Part 3!)



  • Why conversation is the new lead.
  • How email is getting more crowded and the less crowded places where you can still get people’s attention.
  • The one change Brian from SamCart made that grew his last launch 5X with the same size audience.
  • Two things you can change to lower your CPA.
  • What to do when you can’t get cold traffic to convert.


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