Episode 169: What ALL Retailers Need to Know About Advertising

While there are definitely some big differences between brick-and-mortar and online stores, there are also some things that BOTH should be doing, especially when it comes to advertising…

This week, Perpetual Traffic hit the road and traveled all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada to the Shop.org E-Commerce Conference. Adam Killam, VP of Business Development at Tier 11, joined Ralph Burns to record live at the event and discuss all things retail.

These experts talk about some untapped ad platforms, like Snapchat, and why you should be using them. With millions of users, many of whom don’t use other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat can give advertisers the opportunity to target new individuals.

They also explain examples of unique online customer experiences, strategies to avoid cart abandonment, and how to increase conversions once users have interacted with an ad.


  • What omni-channel marketing is and how companies are using it to increase conversions
  • How to bring online customer experiences offline to business establishments
  • Why focusing on the back-end customer experience is equally as important as driving traffic
  • How to decrease cart abandonment rates
  • How to monetize and make use of the traffic you’re driving to a webpage


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