Episode 181: Best of Perpetual Traffic 2018

Best of Perpetual Traffic 2018

This week, we dove into the archives of Perpetual Traffic to find some of the best moments of 2018. There are clips from our 6 favorite episodes of this year, with links out to the originals. These episodes can help you hone your paid traffic strategy and prepare for the new year.



Episode 158: How Molly Pittman Generated 157,362 Leads from 1 Facebook Campaign
Episode 160: Not Getting Conversions with Facebook Ads? Follow These 11 Steps
Episode 166: Why Facebook Traffic is NOT Your Problem
Episode 174: New Facebook Ad Structures to Implement Before the Holiday Season
Episode 145: How to Amplify Your Ecommerce Business Using Facebook Ads
Episode 143: Cambridge Analytica: What You Need to Know

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