Episode 182: Top Facebook and Instagram Predictions for 2019

Top Facebook and Instagram Predictions for 2019

We’ve spent the last few weeks looking back at the last year. But this week, we set our sights forward and see what’s on the horizon for Facebook and Instagram marketing in 2019.

Ralph and Molly break down their top predictions for the future of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Molly predicts that 2019 will be the year that marketers are able to take 2–3 steps forward with their strategies, and Ralph explains why it’s crucial to take those steps on Instagram.


  • Why the future of Facebook advertising is in creating the best and most seamless user experience (and how Messenger and high-performing websites will help you with that)
  • The reason Facebook is looking to spread out its advertisements and is using Instagram to diversify their newsfeeds
  • Molly’s predictions for Facebook advertising in 2019
  • Ralph’s predictions for Instagram advertising in 2019


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