Episode 176: How 22 Year Old Arri Bagah Built a Conversational Commerce Agency

chatbots and emerging marketing technology

Arri Bagah is a 22-year-old chatbot legend. In this episode, Arri explains the 4-step process of creating a chatbot and the options to choose from when deciding its purpose in the Customer Value Journey.

Arri’s chatbot agency, ROAS, works with multimillion-dollar companies including Guess, Poo-Pourri, and Beard Club. He explains how he got his start, as well as some up-and-coming technologies like voice and augmented reality (AR) that can help broaden your conversational marketing reach.


  • Ari’s strategy for landing big name clients, even if you are a young company
  • How emerging technology with voice searches is going to change how people are reaching your sites
  • How to use augmented reality to enhance the customer experience, specifically for companies selling physical products
  • Why Messenger isn’t always the answer to a better ROI and how you should use it to direct customers down the conversion path


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