Episode 177: How a Local Contracting Business used Facebook Ads to Earn $1.9 million in Sales in 12 Months

Local Business Facebook Ads 2018

Here at Perpetual Traffic, we know that Facebook advertisements can really help skyrocket a business into success. But this week, you’ll find out just how they can turn a local business into a seven-figure company.

Corey Philip, Co-Founder of Gulf Coast Aluminum, has harnessed the power of Facebook advertising to bring in $1.9 million in sales in the last 12 months, with an ad spend of just $29,000, for his Florida-based company.

Corey explains why he allocates more of his ad budget to Facebook than Google AdWords. He then walks us through his advertisement objectives, retargeting strategy, lead capture, and drip sequence.


  • Why curating ads to promote engagement over conversions may help boost your ROI
  • How Facebook’s demographic change tripled the size of Corey’s audience, decreased his cost per lead, and increased the volume of leads
  • How he uses the video view objective to create an audience based off of the percentage of video viewed, and the ads he then runs to capture leads
  • Tips to avoid spending time and/or money on customers that aren’t ready to convert


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