Episode 199: The School of Bots w/ Natasha Takahashi

Chatbots with Natasha Takahashi

Are you still trying to figure out how people are getting conversions with Chatbots on Facebook Messenger? If you are, this episode is for you.

Molly and Natasha Takahashi, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of School of Bots, dive deep into what’s happening with Chatbots right now and what businesses need to know when using Messenger as their campaign platform. They also talk about Natasha’s experience starting her business and the opportunities that digital marketing has given Generation Y to achieve early career success.


  • Why Natasha dropped out of college to build her own business at 18
  • The new policies in the Chatbot space—24+1 Policy, subscription messaging application, and the removal of Messenger codes from the Messenger App
  • Why businesses should apply for subscription messaging as soon as possible and why to categorize your business as “News” on Facebook when applying
  • How split testing the position of the “Yes or No” button raised the yes answer on Natasha’s client’s campaign by 40%
  • How Natasha explains Chatbots and Messenger to her clients and sets the expectations of their Messenger strategy based off of their previous highest performing funnel


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