Episode 03: Facebook Video Ad Game Plan

Want to “pixel” visitors at 10x the rate of a “normal” Facebook ad? Facebook video ads are the answer. There are now 4 billion video views per day on Facebook, 65% of those views being on mobile. Facebook has finally caught up with YouTube in desktop video minutes watched per month, and Facebook is crushing YouTube in mobile video. Keith reveals the secrets behind Dominate Web Media’s highest performing Facebook video ad campaigns. Get a peek inside  the presentation Keith & Ralph attended, where Facebook revealed best practices for video ad information to big time spenders.


  • Why video consumption on Facebook is growing so quickly  and why video ads just flat out work.
  • Why collateral branding is so vital (even for direct response marketers) cannot be taken lightly.
  • What “sequenced storytelling” is and why its so important for your business.
  • When and where you should use video ads in your marketing efforts…as well as how you should do it.
  • How Facebook video ads can grow your custom audience lists 10X faster than other Facebook ads
  • How to get over some of the most common obstacles business owners have when doing online video…and a few hacks on how to do it quickly and easily.
  • Why mobile video ads are super engaging and may be more effective than those on the desktop.
  • Why video length (short or long) doesn’t really matter.
  • How to use videos as a part of your overall marketing strategy…even sending traffic straight to a sales page.


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