Episode 04: Your First 3 Steps: Facebook Ads [Case Study: Betty Rocker Part One]

In this episode of The Perpetual Traffic Podcast, we are excited to start a 3-part series with a very special guest Bree Argetsinger (a.k.a. The Betty Rocker), a coaching client of Keith & Ralph’s at Dominate Web Media. With no prior experience with Facebook ads Bree has literally gone from being on the “hamster wheel” of constantly doing launches to her audience she built mostly using Instagram, to building a machine that produces a flow of perpetual traffic, goodwill, and new customers coming into her business every single day.

By leveraging “Like” ads, in-depth audience research, creating ads that connects at a deep level with her target audience, her business is growing faster than ever. The most important thing about Bree’s story is that YOU could have a similar story! All you need to do is follow the simple steps we outline in this first in a series of episodes explaining exactly how she did it…and continues to do it.

We’ll also be diving deep into how to build relationships with your audience just like Bree did, how to speak directly to your audience, and how to naturally indoctrinate them into purchasing your product or service. Although Bree’s business is in the fitness niche, this approach is applicable to any niche. Whether you are selling fitness programs like Bree, are a “brick and mortar” retailer, or a mid-sized B to B business, the strategy Bree uses flat out works.

In this episode, Bree explains how “un-gated content”, “Like” campaigns, and Website Custom Audiences were just a few of the building blocks she used to get started. (Learning each one from scratch…)

Just like Bree has done, we’ll also explain how through creating “goodwill” you can cultivate those website visitors into leads, then ultimately customers…who will buy from you over and over and over again…


• Why anyone – regardless of your technical knowledge – can have massive success on Facebook.
• The first three steps Bree took that led to her current Facebook domination.
• The importance of creating ads that are in your unique voice and are laser-focused to the ideal customer avatar who will most likely buy from you.
• The critical importance of exact specific audience targeting in Facebook.
• Why ”ungated content” is so vital to success with Facebook ads.
• Why old school “email capture/lead magnet” marketing on Facebook will not work just on it’s own anymore…
• The template for writing “Like Campaigns” that will lead to more customers.


The Betty Rocker
3 Facebook Advertising Research Tools You Cannot Live Without
[PDF Download] Troubleshooting Your Traffic Campaigns: What To Do When It’s Just Not Converting
Getting Started With Custom Audiences From Your Website
How to Use Facebook Advertising Pixels to Create High Converting Ad Campaigns
Info on How Keith & Ralph Can Help You Manage Your Campaigns

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