Episode 466: [CAS] Personal Injury Lawyers: How to get 315 Signed Cases in Four Months Using Google & Facebook

On this episode of Perpetual Traffic we are visiting a discussion from our sister podcast The Customer Acquisition Show:

In this episode of the Customer Acquisition Show, the team of Tom, Ralph, Nick, Maria, Lynn, and Oli discuss the successful case of Mike Morris Law Firm, which acquired 315 signed cases. The team attributes the firm’s success to a combination of various advertising strategies, including cold traffic, Out of Home Advertising, TV Ads, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.

The group also highlights the importance of understanding the client’s perspective and addressing objections through storytelling. They discuss the need for on-page optimization and offline conversion tracking to enhance campaign results. Effective communication between the firm and their team is also emphasized as a key factor in their success.


  • The Secret to Success for Law Firms That Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously: A Case Study
  • Innovative Marketing Techniques: Bringing Social Interruption and Tent-Based Marketing Together for a Personal Injury Law Firm
  • Transforming Legal Marketing: The Digital Marketing Strategy of Mike Morris
  • Helping Those in Need: The Power of Insurance Companies in Legal Assistance
  • Reaching Frustrated Consumers: A Website Solution for Lawyers
  • Putting Yourself in the Client’s Shoes: The Key to Success for Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Dominating the Market: The Benefits of Saturating the Personal Injury Law Market
  • Mobile-First: A Different Experience for Personal Injury Law Firms on Mobile Devices
  • Focusing on the End Goal: Mike Morris’ Advice for Success
  • The Power of Language and Targeting in Personal Injury Law Firms
  • The Formula for Successful Case Outcomes: Analyzing Key Factors
  • Measuring Success: Understanding Conversion Tracking for Lead Generation in Law Firms
  • The Importance of Offline Conversions for Law Firms
  • The Long-Term Play: Setting up a Personal Injury Law Practice for Success
  • Reaching Your Ideal Client: Using Avatars, Platforms, and Offline Conversions
  • Effective Marketing: Using Meta Ads to Reach the Right Audience
  • Trustworthy Representation: Mike Morse, A Michigan Lawyer You Can Count On
  • A Mutual Benefit: The Agency Game, A Two-Way Street
  • Optimizing for Online Success: Improving On-Page SEO for Law Firm Landing Pages

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