Episode 473: 7 MORE Traffic Sources Every Online Marketer Needs to Know (Part 2)

On this episode of Perpetual Traffic, hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam discuss the benefits of having a podcast to build authority and credibility. While it may not be the biggest traffic source, podcasting can lead to speaking gigs and guest blog posts. The hosts emphasize the importance of guest podcasting on other shows to bring in leads almost instantly. They also provide basic steps for those new to social media and product sales, including understanding your target market and testing what works. Listeners are also told that a downloadable checklist will be available to help them apply this information.


  • 00:00:00 How To Strike Gold With Niche Marketing
  • 00:03:08 My Battle Cry: The Riches Of Niche Marketing
  • 00:04:47 Perpetual Traffic’s Decreased Leads But Continued Authority Building Benefits
  • 00:07:12 Podcasting For Business: Building Momentum Through Quality Content
  • 00:08:51 Networking Gold: The Benefits of Podcasting
  • 00:11:45 Juicing The Amazon Algorithm: A 99-Cent Solution To Outsmart Google
  • 00:12:10 Authority Building And Traffic: The Benefits Of Releasing A Book
  • 00:18:09 Speaking Engagements: A Powerful Tool For Digital Marketing
  • 00:21:52 Paid Traffic And Social Ads: Understanding The Basics
  • 00:23:43 Creating A Checklist For Driving Traffic To Your Website

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