Episode 495: 2 Things That Are Wasting Your Google Performance Max Budget

In the Perpetual Traffic nugget episode, Ralph is joined by John Moran who discusses the importance of effectively utilizing P Max, a type of advertising campaign. John highlights the significance of identifying the starting point for P Max and advises against overspending on ineffective keywords and remarketing to existing customers. He emphasizes the need for data-driven attribution to accurately assess the impact of P Max and other marketing channels. Using a customer’s click path as an example, he illustrates the challenges in determining whether a P Max click resulted in a subscription or if the customer was already a subscriber. John suggests that businesses should identify the most effective marketing channels for their specific audience to optimize their spending and avoid relying solely on P Max.


  • 00:00:00 – Uncovering P Max and Identifying the Starting Point
  • 00:01:31 – Saving Ad Spend and Growing Your Business
  • 00:05:30 – Tracking Customer Journeys and Click Paths
  • 00:07:13 – Data-Driven Attribution for Best Performing Channels
  • 00:08:20 – Maximizing Ad Spend with P Max in Marketing Channels
  • 00:09:55 – Identifying True Cold Traffic and Avoiding New User Pitfalls


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