Episode 500: 5 Big Takeaways From the iOS 17 Apocalypse

In this episode of Perpetual Traffic, Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam engage in an in-depth conversation with guest Tom Meredith about the complexities of Apple’s privacy policies and the significant impact they hold for app developers. The dialogue brings to light the delicate equilibrium Apple must sustain between privacy protection and maintaining a functional, developer-friendly app store. A provocative prospect of Apple launching its own ad platform is dissected, with discussion of potential benefits, such as improved attribution tracking and access to a prosperous user base. They provide valuable insights from their own affiliate marketing journey, navigating the convoluted web of privacy policies across various meta headquarters. Aslam boldly surmises the discussion by stating his openness to transition from a Google agency to an Apple agency, in the event of Apple’s own ad network becoming a reality.


  • 00:00:00 – Kick off the episode with a deep-dive into the complexities of iOS 17. Industry experts might lack definitive answers, but they agree: keeping informed is crucial.
  • 00:02:00 – Explore Facebook’s innovative data modeling strategy, an approach offering marketers a new lens on user behavior and increased campaign visibility.
  • 00:05:15 – Expose Facebook’s covert tactics, embodied in their use of the “Hedonistic Law” to create strategic silence around data privacy issues.
  • 00:08:11 – Assess Meta’s unease in the face of the iOS 17 update, and ponder on how it might reshape the advertising strategies of the social media giant.
  • 00:12:00 – Analyze the immense influence of Apple users, and what their unique preferences mean for brands and advertisers.
  • 00:14:51 – Trace the remarkable journey of search, from seeking mom’s advice to ‘Googling it’, and reveal Apple’s strategic role in this evolution.
  • 00:19:13 – Engage in a discussion on privacy, as Apple takes a stand. Is Google ready to follow the lead, or will it chart a different course?
  • 00:21:39 – Take a look at the so-called ‘Trump Factor’. Are privacy concerns still at the forefront of users’ minds, or is the issue losing its impact?
  • 00:23:38 – Investigate the rising trend of privacy browsing. Could this approach to internet use become the new norm?
  • 00:26:48 – Delve into Apple’s game-changing ad network – a fusion of personal messaging and targeted advertising that’s set to transform the industry.
  • 00:29:09 – Reveal the hidden power dynamics as Apple takes a firm grip on app compliance. What does this mean for app developers and marketers?
  • 00:33:40 – Learn how to navigate the iOS 17 terrain and optimize email marketing by unlocking the power of intra-funnel behavior.


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