Episode 529: How to Hack the iOS 17 Tracking Parameters with Scott Desgrosseilliers

Ralph is joined by Scott Desgrosseilliers, the CEO of Wicked Reports, to navigate the complex landscape of legal tracking in marketing and discuss the hurdles and resolutions in sustaining visibility and compliance. They uncover the subtleties of conversion attribution, emphasizes the significance of deciphering the buyer’s journey, and presents strategies to counteract the limitations set by tech behemoths like Apple. Scott and Ralph share a trove of knowledge on segmentation, the efficacy of dedicated landing pages, and the pivotal role of UTMs in optimizing tracking capabilities.


  • 00:00:00 – Overcoming iOS 14.5 Challenges: Strategic Solutions for Marketers in Tracking and Attribution
  • 00:04:58 – Maximizing Impact: The Critical Role of 28-Day Window Tracking in Meta Platforms for Marketers
  • 00:07:30 – Advanced Attribution Mastery: Leveraging Wicked Reports to Optimize Ad Campaign Potential
  • 00:10:05 – Deciphering the Implications of iOS 17: A Deep Dive into Apple’s Privacy Developments
  • 00:15:29 – Preparing for the Ad Apocalypse: Strategies to Combat the Surge of Irrelevant Ads
  • 00:20:26 – Simplifying Redirect Links: Effective Solutions for Email Link Tracking Dilemmas
  • 00:23:39 – Strategic Solutions: Addressing and Overcoming Tracking Hurdles
  • 00:26:03 – Precision and Insight: The Essential Role of Accurate Tracking and Reporting in Business Expansion


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