Episode 548: Ralph and Kasim go on a Field Trip – The 5 Biggest Marketing Opportunities For 2024(MATG)

Ralph and Kasim guest star on Marketing Against The Grain, offering a deep dive into the forefront of 2024’s digital marketing landscape. They expertly navigate through AI marketing innovations, dissecting advanced strategies for platforms like Meta and Google, and introduce the untapped potential of pre-awareness advertising. Highlighting YouTube’s overlooked opportunities for audience engagement, they also explore the emerging trend of arbitrage in digital advertising and the strategic power of direct creator partnerships.


  • 00:00:00 – Marketing Against The Grain Episode Swap
  • 01:03:00 – Highlighting the Upcoming Traffic and Conversion Summit
  • 02:58:00 – Analyzing Key Marketing Opportunities for 2024
  • 03:48:00 – Welcoming Guests Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam
  • 05:09:00 – Delving into Overrated Marketing Strategies Today
  • 10:59:00 – Uncovering Hidden Gems in Marketing Strategies
  • 16:30:00 – Deep Dive into Brand Awareness and Consideration in Advertising
  • 25:56:00 – Shifting Focus to Effective Google Advertising Techniques
  • 27:28:00 – Discussing the ‘Parlor Trick’ in Digital Marketing
  • 29:33:00 – Introducing the Revolutionary Concept of Pre-Awareness
  • 29:48:00 – Unraveling the Impact of Pre-Awareness in Advertising
  • 30:17:00 – Real-World Applications of Pre-Awareness Advertising Strategies
  • 33:19:00 – Case Study: Pre-Awareness in the HVAC Industry
  • 39:46:00 – Exploring the Strategic Benefits of Creator Partnerships
  • 45:43:00 – Wrapping Up: Insights and a Nod to HubSpot


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