Episode 551: 7 Astonishing Digital Marketing Predictions for 2024

Ralph and Kasim reveal what’s in store for digital marketing in 2024. They talk about how paid media might collapse, how influencer marketing will dominate, and how branding and content creation will be crucial. They also explore the pros and cons of podcasting, and the impact of agency consolidation. Plus, they give you some handy tips and strategies to help you adapt and thrive in the changing digital marketing landscape and reach your company’s vision.


  • 00:00:00 – 7 Astonishing Digital Marketing Predictions for 2024
  • 00:01:06 – How to Use Bundling to Increase the Value of Your Content
  • 00:08:49 – Why Influencer Marketing Will Be More Effective and Popular in 2024
  • 00:19:38 – How Podcasts Can Help You Build Trust and Authority with Your Audience
  • 00:25:13 – How Agency Consolidation Will Affect the Digital Marketing Industry
  • 00:26:48 – How to Protect Your Business from Unreliable or Insolvent Agencies
  • 00:28:33 – How to Deal with Technical Issues and Glitches on Your Podcast
  • 00:35:39 – Why Info Marketing Will Become Obsolete and What to Do Instead
  • 00:39:03 – Conclusion and Key Takeaways


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