Episode 562: The 13 Tools Every Digital Marketer Cannot Live Without

Ralph and Kasim take a deep dive into the evolving landscape of digital marketing, offering a treasure trove of knowledge gleaned from recent mastermind events. They explore an array of cutting-edge tools shaping the industry: from KNO Commerce and Shopper Approved for capturing post-purchase insights, to Metricool’s comprehensive approach to social media management. They also touch on Canva’s innovative design solutions, including its AI assistant and brand kit creator, as well as HeyGen and Synthesia.io’s prowess in AI-driven video creation. Focusing on e-commerce, Ralph and Kasim discuss the indispensability of tools like SmartScout for Amazon sellers, and the impact of Opus.pro and video.ai in the realm of video marketing. They also dive into Descript’s revolutionary approach to video editing through transcript modification. Additionally, the episode highlights the significance of Designer.io in creating compelling lead magnets and ebooks, and Repurpose.io’s effectiveness in streamlining content syndication across various platforms.


  • 00:00:00 – Kick-off: Ralph & Kasim on Recent Mastermind Insights
  • 00:03:25 – Tool Exploration: Deep Dive into Post-Purchase Surveys
  • 00:11:13 – Lead Generation Talk: Unpacking Leadsy & High Level Strategies
  • 00:13:29 – Metrics Mastery: A Close Look at Metricool & HubSpot
  • 00:15:35 – Design Revolution: Revisiting Canva’s Capabilities & the Wonders of Canva’s AI Assistant
  • 00:18:47 – Video Content & AI: Introducing HeyGen for AI Video Creation
  • 00:21:27 – E-commerce Innovation: SmartScout for Amazon Sellers
  • 00:22:53 – Multimedia Tools: The Flexibility of Opus and Video.ai
  • 00:28:54 – Content Strategy: Simplifying Repurposing with Designer
  • 00:32:07 – Amplifying Reach: Mastering Content Syndication


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