Episode 565: AI: The Future Is More Predictable Than You Think with Perry Marshall

What if you could peek into the future and see how technology will shape the world of marketing? What if you could learn the secrets of how to thrive in an AI-driven world? That’s what Perry Marshall, the marketing genius and author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing, offers in this episode of the Perpetual Traffic podcast. Perry joins us to share his insights on how AI is transforming the digital marketing space, and how to ask the right questions to stay ahead of the curve. He also explains the Lindy Effect, a powerful concept that helps you predict the longevity and relevance of your business ideas. Whether you are a marketer, an entrepreneur, or a curious listener, this episode will blow your mind with Perry’s vision of the future, and equip you with the tools and strategies to succeed in the age of AI. Listen and learn how Perry Marshall’s crystal ball can help you master AI, marketing, and the future.


  • 00:00:00 Introduction: Setting the Stage with Perry Marshall
  • 00:07:54 AI’s Game Changer: Transforming Digital Marketing
  • 00:08:46 Next-Gen Visuals: AI’s Revolution in Photography and Mapping
  • 00:10:40 Exploring the Lindy Effect: Time-Tested Success Principles
  • 00:12:45 AI Anxiety: Addressing Job Replacement Fears
  • 00:15:15 AI as a Problem Solver: Enhancing Human Capability
  • 00:17:45 The Road Ahead: AI and the Future of Transportation
  • 00:19:54 AI in the Workplace: Redefining Professional Landscapes
  • 00:23:37 Digital Trust: Building Confidence in the Age of AI
  • 00:28:25 Beyond the Screen: Valuing Real-World Connections
  • 00:30:04 Digital Divide: Addressing Inequality in the Tech Era
  • 00:32:12 What’s Next for AI: Looking into the Crystal Ball
  • 00:35:18 Wrapping Up: How to Embrace AI’s Potential for the Future


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