Episode 568: Why Attribution is Gonna Get WORSE, Agencies Sucking and the “7-11-4 Rule” with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

We continue our collaboration with the marketing gurus Neil Patel and Eric Sue of Marketing School. Join us as we dive deep into the murky waters of marketing attribution, data accuracy, and strategy effectiveness. We challenge the status quo and share our insights on how to run a successful agency, how to use AI tools to your advantage, and how to master the full-funnel marketing approach. You’ll learn about the 7-11-4 rule, the traps of data collection, and the best practices for digital marketing in a time of data privacy. Don’t miss this episode if you want to level up your marketing game!


  • 00:00:00 – Buckle Up: How to Navigate the Marketing Maze of Attribution
  • 00:02:52 – Data Dilemma: How to Achieve Attribution Accuracy Amidst the Noise
  • 00:05:46 – Level Up: Marketing Strategies for the Digital Savvy
  • 00:09:29 – AI Demystified: The Truth and the Hype of AI in Marketing
  • 00:15:51 – AI Empowered: The Ultimate Guide to Next-Level Marketing
  • 00:18:42 – AI Disrupted: How AI is Changing the Game of Business and Innovation
  • 00:21:36 – Social Media Magic: How to Boost Your Business Visibility Online
  • 00:22:37 – SEO Reinvented: The Rise and the Promise of Programmatic SEO
  • 00:24:54 – Impact Amplified: How to Leverage In-App Advertising for Your Business
  • 00:27:09 – Leadership Matters: How to Lead Your Business and Marketing to Success
  • 00:36:43 – The Future is Now: How to Prepare for the Next Wave of Marketing


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