Episode 579: From Votes to Views: The Election’s Effect on Ad Spend

Kasim and Lauren getting into the intricate world of marketing during an election year. Focusing on the unpredicted impact of political campaigns on advertising costs and inventory, they’re discussing the challenges and opportunities that come up for digital marketers. Kasim and Lauren explore the dynamics of audience temperament and receptivity towards advertising messages amidst the election fervor. The conversation also veers into strategic insights on navigating the competitive ad space, leveraging the peculiarities of the electoral cycle to fine-tune marketing approaches. If you’re a marketer aiming to create strategies that withstand the turbulence of political seasons, ensuring your message remains strong and persuasive despite the clutter of election-year advertising, don’t miss out on this episode!


  • 00:00:00 – Welcome Aboard the Perpetual Traffic Express with Kasim Aslam and Lauren Petrullo
  • 00:01:52 – Election Years Meet Advertising: An Unlikely Romance
  • 00:03:29 – Politicians on the Roasting Rack
  • 00:08:55 – Mark Your Calendars: Dates That Dictate Ads
  • 00:09:30 – When Politics and Pixels Mix
  • 00:11:45 – The Digital Tug-of-War: Ad Space in Election Season
  • 00:14:31 – Farewell Old School, Hello Digital Frontier
  • 00:17:07 – Tomorrow’s Ads Today: The Smart TV Revolution
  • 00:20:43 – Capturing Moments: When Culture Fuels Campaigns
  • 00:23:27 – Lauren’s Korean Age Quandary
  • 00:26:46 – The Art of the Share: Content That Catches On
  • 00:32:07 – Black Friday Planning: Beat the Election Bump
  • 00:35:48 – The Groupon Effect and Black Friday Blues
  • 00:38:55 – Parting Wisdom: Laughs, Lessons, and Goodbyes


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