Episode 131: Is Your Facebook Ad Campaign Underperforming? Not Getting Impressions? Do This

facebook ads not delivering

Imagine, your Facebook ads are running smoothly. And then, suddenly, without warning, reach and impressions decline and cost per acquisitions starts creeping up. What do you do?

When this happens, the experts use five troubleshooting tactics to turn this around, reduce costs, and improve ROI. Listen to learn why your Facebook ads may not be delivering.


  • Get technical insight to gain an in-depth understanding of how an individual Facebook ad is performing and why it may be failing.
  • Why you may want to avoid being promotional in your ads (« And what you should do instead to encourage impressions and audience engagement).
  • If your ad begins to “tire,” simply do this to “freshen” and reset it.


The Five Tactics to Troubleshoot:

  1. Low Relevance Score with High Negative Feedback
  2. Too Much Text
  3. Need to Generate 50+ Conversions Per Ad Set Per Week
  4. Too Much Audience Overlap
  5. Older Ads

Text Overlay Tool
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How to Find Post Details:

Post Id Page Posts in Ads Manager
Paste Post ID Number
Learn the Post Details

How to Find Audience Overlap:

Audiences in Ads Manager
Select Audiences to compare
Learn the Audience Overlap details

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