Episode 132: 3 Steps to Build a Perpetual Traffic Machine

Build Perpetual Traffic Machine

Brand based advertising is essential to running a successful long-term advertising strategy.

In fact, it’s one of the three cornerstones of the “BCS Triangle” we’re going to show you in today’s episode. Implement the BCS system in your business, and you’ll be able to activate the 90% of your market that most advertisers miss and build a perpetual traffic machine.


  • How to exponentially boost your conversion and retargeting campaigns over the next six months.
  • A “ninja strategy” for expanding your reach 3-8x and drastically lowering your costs.
  • The three-part formula for creating a true perpetual traffic machine that will build your audience and drive conversions forever (« without burning out your audience).


  • B is the top of your triangle. It accounts for 10-20% of your advertising. This is what will let you build a warm audience.
    • Primary Metrics are:
      • Impressions and CPM
      • Reach (For video ads, this is number of views and cost per view)
    • Secondary Metrics are:
      • Cost Per Action (CPA)
      • Return on Ad Spend
      • Keep in mind that these aren’t as important. If you don’t have a great return on this, you should keep running your campaign anyway.
    • C is the middle section of your triangle. This is 50-70% of your ad spend.  This is where you’ll use education and entertainment to make your audience aware of your product.
      • Primary Metrics are:
        • CPA (Depending on your business, this is Cost Per Lead, Registration, or Sale)
        • Return on Ad Spend
        • Relevance
        • Negative Feedback
        • Like to Share Ratio
      • Secondary Metrics are:
        • CPM and CPC
        • Reach
      • S is the bottom section of your triangle. It accounts for the remainder of your ad spend, and it’s where you go in for the sale.
        • Primary Metric is:
          • Return on Ad Spend (You want a positive ROI here.)
        • Secondary Metrics are:
          • CPA (Costs per action will be higher for smaller audiences. Don’t worry about this, just focus on your ROI.)
          • Frequency
          • Relevance Score


Download the BCS Triangle
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