Episode 39: 5 Cutting Edge Facebook Ad Updates

Facebook ad updates

Facebook is implementing new elements that will enhance audience features, and give marketers even more specific targeting options within the Ad Platform. In Episode 39, the experts talk in detail about these five new features, why they’re excited about them, and how the updates should save you time, allow you to be even more specific in your targeting, and boost your ROI.

Look for Keith’s How-To Video on one of the brand new features in the podcast show notes.


  • The five new audience enhancements, how to implement them, and how they’ll make your Facebook Ads even more specific and relevant.
  • The steps to implement Facebook’s version of Periscope (<<Which you should be able to do from a Facebook page, even if you’re not verified).
  • An advanced feature for Lookalike Audiences (<<This will be a great way to scale out campaigns, and it can be done in one fell swoop).
  • How a new feature, which can be automated, will help increase the consumability of your video ads, even with the sound off!
  • New Custom Audience Features that will give a marketer advanced frequency  options, time on site features, dynamic dates, and device specific custom audiences.


Dominate Web Media’s Video – How To Do Facebook Live

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