Episode 205: The Secret to Hooking the Right Customer

hooking your audience

This week we’re talking about something in advertising that gets glossed over too often and isn’t focused on enough. Creating the right hook for the right audience.

One of the most important—yet forgotten—elements of a Facebook ad is the hook. In this episode, Ralph and Molly talk about how to create a hook and why it all starts with the customer avatar. They’ll walk us through their case studies, explain their strategies for deep diving into avatars, and go over the importance of testimonials.



  • An example of creating a hook for different yoga enthusiast avatars
  • Why market-centric businesses and product-centric businesses can’t have the same type of hook
  • How to research your avatar and use Facebook to find their interests
  • The hooks Molly is using for her client selling planners
  • How long you should be doing customer avatar research and why it’s the bread and butter of marketing
  • Two places to find hook ideas: previously successful Facebook ads and Facebook page posts
  • The 3 primary hooks Molly uses: average day, emotion, and logic


Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz
Customer Avatar Worksheet
The Modern Publisher’s Customer Persona Canvas
The Before & After Grid: 20 Minutes To Boost Your Sales & Marketing Copy
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