Episode 204: How to Use Marketing Bots in Your Business, with Mary Kathryn Johnson of Messenger Funnels

Marketing bots

Are you still confused on how to use bots to get conversions? Don’t worry. This week’s episode will help clear some things up.

In this episode, Molly interviews CEO and Founder of Messenger Funnels Mary Kathryn Johnson. They talk about the common pain points marketers have with bots, why you can’t approach bots like you do email marketing, and how to turn ordinary marketing into extraordinary conversations.


  • Why Mary sees less interest in bots in 2019 than there was a few years ago
  • What expectations to set for your bots, and what 2 metrics to analyze—conversions to sales page and sales
  • The differences between writing copy for bots vs. for social media campaigns, landing pages, etc. and why you can’t talk about your product
  • Mary’s bot copywriting formula—talking about your avatar (not your product), and breaking down an email into 1 sentence, and then into 1 word
  • How to take that 1 word and create a back-and-forth conversation between bot and prospect
    The future of bots and the open-app companies developing chatbots outside of platforms


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