Episode 16: Paid Traffic Q&A: Cold Traffic Offers, Scaling Campaigns and Power Editor

This week the Perpetual Traffic experts are answering listener questions about buying website traffic.

The questions come from the Facebook Ads University and Digital Marketer Engage Facebook communities.


  • When is it ok to run cold traffic directly to a squeeze page?
  • How do you scale an ad campaign (and which traffic sources should I choose?)
  • Should I ever use the Facebook’s Boost Post button?  What about Power Editor?
  • What is the ideal audience size if I’m selling international or national?  How does this change for a local business?


Facebook Ads University – Take advantage of a $1 Trial offer to Dominate Web Media’s membership community.
Digital Marketer Lab – Access Digital Marketer’s membership community through this $1 trial offer.
[Test Results] What You Need to Know About Facebook Lead Ads
Episode 08: Ad Targeting: Put Your Offer In Front of the Right People
$10/Day Traffic Plan Execution Plan(For Digital Marketer Lab members only) How to build or grow any business with just $10 a day in paid traffic.
DOWNLOAD: Free Spreadsheet With 202 Website Traffic Sources – Justin Brooke’s list of paid and free website traffic sources.

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