Episode 460: The Not-So-Obvious Secret to Solution 8’s Agency Success

On this episode of the Perpetual Traffic, the hosts delve into the secrets of building a high-performing team. They explore the importance of hiring peak performers and leveraging automation and delegation to create a culture of excellence. The hosts highlight the benefits of hiring an executive assistant as a key strategy for accessing a growth trajectory that would be unattainable in a traditional career path. They also stress the importance of recognizing and celebrating the culture within your organization, and giving employees the opportunity to excel beyond their job descriptions. The hosts also share insights on how to manage emails effectively, with a particular focus on the use of tools like ST box to keep emails at 10% or less of an executive assistant’s job. And, they emphasize the importance of hiring individuals who are smarter than yourself, in order to build great organizations. Tune in for a wealth of valuable insights on building a high-performing team and creating a culture of excellence.


  • Acquiring Leads and Sales Through Paid Traffic: Strategies for Perpetual Traffic
  • Avoiding Mistakes: Automation and Delegation for Entrepreneurs
  • The Advantages and Challenges of Hiring an Executive Assistant
  • Maximizing Efficiency with Low Volume, Low Worth Tasks
  • Taking Steps to Success: Leveraging a Virtual Assistant
  • Reaping Rewards by Releasing Control: The Benefits of Asking for Help
  • Empowering Greatness: Giving People the Opportunity to Excel
  • Going Above and Beyond in Business and Life: The Advantages of Exceeding Expectations
  • Avoiding Conflict in Annual Reviews: Strategies for a Satisfying Outcome
  • Breaking the Silence: Angela’s Story of Overcoming Suffering in the Workplace
  • Creating a Positive Work Culture: The Right Way to Do it



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