Episode 454: The Secret to Converting Different Types of Traffic

How can you ensure the time, money, and effort you put into your advertising strategy pays off? Simple – meet your customers where they are.

On today’s episode, Ralph Burns continues the discussion on the Customer Acquisition Framework (CaAMP) with Tom Meridith from Tier11. The duo tries to answer the most important question in marketing: what does my ideal buyer already know? How much do they really know about our product, how it can help them, and our competitors?

Once you can answer that question, you will have become proficient in what is called the “levels of customer awareness.” Tune in to learn more about the levels of awareness and how you can use the CaAMP framework to better inform our sales and marketing efforts.


  • The CaAMP framework and why it’s so effective
  • Always give your customers reasons and opportunities to buy
  • The psychology of buying has remained consistent since the 1960s 
  • Understanding the core aspects of the traffic harmonizer
  • Conversation architecture and after-the-click optimization
  • Why every good offer has a shelf life
  • What is the creative lab?
  • The number of times you should ‘touch’ a prospect

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