Episode 453: The System Ralph Uses to Manage $100M in Ads

Want a framework you can use to get more customers and increase their lifetime value – without hurting your marketing budget?

On today’s episode, Ralph Burns sits down with Tom Meridith from Tier11 to break down the Customer Acquisition Framework (CaAMP). Tom shares how they use the 5 levels of customer awareness to ensure the effort they put into their marketing and advertising campaigns pays off.

Tune in to hear the duo reveal how the guys at Tier11 use CaAMP’s comprehensive and proven marketing approach to drive business growth, reduce cost per acquisition (CAC), and increase business profits year over year.


  • The 5 levels of customer awareness
  • This week’s nugget: The love sandwich and the power of testimonial videos
  • The fundamentals of the CaAMP framework
  • How the CaAMP framework was born
  • Why organic and paid search should always work together
  • How many times should you ‘touch’ a prospect?
  • The continual evolution of the CaAMP framework
  • Building your marketing campaigns around the levels of customer awareness 

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