Episode 26: 4 P’s of YouTube Advertising [Part Three]

In Part Three of this 3-part series on YouTube advertising, Tom Breeze covers 3 case studies using the 4 P’s that will highlight a few things you need to be using in your advertising.


  • How to use “cross-platform retargeting” to extend your reach and reduce cost per conversion by switching Platform. (<<< You can’t do this on Facebook)
  • How to increase click-through rates 50-80% by creating a broad video ad and repurposing that video ad with multiple introductions (This is all about message to market match.
  • The most effective word to use at the beginning of an In-Stream ad to grab the viewer’s attention and multiply your click-through rate.
  • How to use a simple “future pacing” technique in your video ads to increase conversions on the landing page.  (This is as easy as adding a single sentence to your call-to-action)


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