Episode 133: 3 Ways to Scale Your Facebook Traffic (And Our Thoughts on Zuckerberg’s Announcement)

scale facebook traffic

When it comes to scaling your Facebook traffic, the old school way of thinking was, “We have an ad that’s working. Let’s increase the budget.” That doesn’t work anymore. And no—this isn’t because of the massive change Facebook is making. (But we’ll get to that.)

Learn three ways to scale your Facebook traffic that you can start implementing today. Because if you want to scale your Facebook traffic campaign, you need to change the way you think about scaling your paid traffic campaigns.


  • The three ways to scale your campaign—even if your campaign has plateaued.
  • Why horizontal scaling is the key to unlocking parts of your audience you’re currently not reaching.
  • The scaling mistake that is killing your business’ growth (« and how to fix it).
  • How to set yourself up for success when outsourcing your Facebook campaigns (« this is something ad managers say their most successful clients are currently doing).


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