Episode 163: A Day in the Life of a Media Buyer

day in the life of a media buyer

Have you ever wondered what a paid traffic expert does all day? How does a media buyer create campaigns that drive leads and generate sales?

This week, tune in to hear a segment of a private online training done by our co-host and paid traffic specialist, Molly Pittman. She takes you through what she does every day, and then she shows you how these paid ad strategies are scalable to anyone (even if you aren’t spending millions of dollars on ads).

From how she approaches creating brand new campaigns to what to do when an ad is underperforming, Molly explains it all. Plus, listen closely to get a promo code for the upcoming Shop.com Conference.


  • How she went from a bartender in Kentucky to a paid traffic expert in just 6 years (and what it takes for YOU to become a master in paid traffic just as quickly)
  • “The Green- Yellow-Red System”: A way to rank your ad data that will help you turn off underperformers and scale up your budgets
  • Why research is the most important part of your campaign


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