Episode 443: DON’T Create a Podcast – Do “Podcast Guesting” Instead with Dustin Riechmann

Should you start your own podcast or guest on other people’s podcasts? With more than 2.1 million active podcasts, you are probably better off becoming a guest. 

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim talk to Dustin Reichman, a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He specializes in helping mission-driven solopreneurs add $100K+ per year to their bottom line by telling the right stories on the right podcasts. Dustin explains that podcasts are a winning formula for both the host and the guest. However, running your own podcast takes a good deal of time and effort. Which is why, for some people, guesting on other people’s podcasts might be more beneficial than hosting your own show. 

Tune in to learn easy-to-implement strategies for getting the most out of other people’s podcasts. Discover practical tips you can implement immediately to drive leads and acquire customers through podcast guesting.


  • How to use podcast guesting to scale your business
  • This week’s nugget: Using podcast guests to create well-informed networks 
  • What it takes to become a professional podcast guest
  • Organic versus paid traffic
  • The 5Ps for tapping into the power of podcasting
  • The podcasting pitch that guarantees an 80% reply rate
  • Podcast host versus podcast guest: which strategy is right for you?
  • Benefits of guesting on other people’s podcasts

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Dustin’s LinkedIn


Get your podcast pitch playbook HERE


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