Episode 444: How Guesting on Podcasts Got His Products in Walmart with Dustin Riechmann

What type of LinkedIn message gets you a $550,000 purchase order?

On today’s episode, Ralph and Kasim continue the discussion on podcast guesting with Dustin Reichman, a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. Dustin shares how a LinkedIn message and a podcast guest appearance led to a $550,000 purchase order and a deal with Walmart. 

Like all other marketing strategies, there is a process and a science behind getting booked on podcasts. However, finding podcasts to guest on and then pitching hosts is just 20% of the job. The other 80% is how you show up and take advantage of those opportunities.

Tune in to learn the 5-step formula for podcast guesting success and how you can use other people’s podcasts as a medium to propel your business to new heights.


  • How to use podcast guesting to scale your business
  • The 5-step formula for successful podcast guesting
  • Dustin’s LinkedIn message that led to a $550,000 purchase order
  • Dos and don’ts of hiring a VA
  • The pitch that gets an 80% response rate
  • Planting seeds for business growth and success
  • How to get your brand “out there”

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Dustin’s LinkedIn


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